Our girls room is small enough that I am getting very close to actually finishing it. There are a few things left I would like to do (like new shades) but overall, I am feeling good about it and the girls love it. I am sure they won’t love it forever, but I am going to enjoy it until they come to me and ask for a change, and then I will happily change it. I look forward to seeing how their sense of selves develop and how they want to express that via their rooms. I did that a lot myself growing up.

I can still remember when we moved my senior year of high school and I decided I really wanted a “grown up” feeling room. I painted it green (because of course I did) but I also found some fern shaped stencils and used those to paint fern leafs around my room for a wallpaper like effect. I stepped back, looked around at that room, and was proud of it. Except for the part where my dad made the unfortunate decision to change my lightbulb in his underwear. I was retuning back to my house with a friend after we’d been to a movie and we looked up at my bedroom window just as my light suddenly came on, only to see my dad climbing down the ladder in his undies. Parents keep you humble and your friends from staying long, ha.

I digress. I took some pictures of the room, but then Christmas came and I decorated the girls room for Christmas too, so I took pictures of that also.

Our budget is small, I am using mostly things I already have. So there are always more things I want to do or wish I could do, but that is okay, that is how it goes and honestly, my girls were so thrilled to have their room decorated and then spruced up a bit for Christmas, they didn’t even think about their being a possibility of more or better…and I shouldn’t either.


And now Ta-Da, ha! Christmas edition!