Our daughters are 2.5 and 6, neither of them have ever shared a room, but when we decided to move to this house we thought they should try it. It has gone so much better than I expected to. I think for our oldest it has made her feel less alone, prior to this, she would often complain that she didn’t like sleeping alone in her room, and I could totally understand that.

I expected them to be talking a lot or getting up or just absolute nonsense, but my oldest isn’t having it. She tells her sister that it is bedtime, and if she has to get up because of her younger sister, she will barge into our room and say, “she keeps waking me up, tell that kid to go to sleep!” ha! Our youngest would be up for an all-nighter if her sister wasn’t so strict 🙂 But luckily at least one of them are no nonsense about sleep, or I don’t think this whole sharing a room thing would have worked.

The room is also the smallest of all the bedrooms, but we wanted them to be able to have a playroom of sorts, so we decided to leave the bigger bedroom for that purpose.

I have used several different wallpaper prints for their bedrooms over the years like HERE and HERE, but I decided for this bedroom and since it was such a small room (it doesn’t even have a closet) I wanted to go light and simple. Honestly, I didn’t expect the wallpaper I choose for the primary room or their room to go so well with the trim color I picked either, but it really does, and I love that.

I asked the girls if they liked the wallpaper before making the final decision and they both did, so I felt good about that. They are pretty opinionated too, so I was genuinely surprised they both did, ha!

Of course there is more to do, but I am happy with the progress!

PROGRESS. Some of the radiators have been painted two different colors, so of course we plan to fix that, but it is low on the list, ha!
I’ve got two of these oldies, and once my youngest is over being in the crib, my matching bed dreams can finally come true 🙂