Well it has been nearly 2 months since my last blog post. There was a lot of momentum at the start of all this but that usually starts to slow down once the funds start to dry up and boy oh boy have they dried up, ha!

The staining of our exterior shingles is taking forever as well, and it has been pretty expensive so I am glad we are doing it ourselves, but I do wish we could get it done faster. Everything with kids takes soooooo much longer.

I joined instagram again, oh dear, but I have a reason, I have so enjoyed getting back into old home life again that I missed talking to other old home people. So I decided to rejoin but just posting about our old home and the very slow progress we are making. I don’t post very often, but so far I have already “met” quite a few old home folks and am enjoying seeing their projects and their progress.

I am always astonished at any person that owns an old home and it seems mostly done, I have no idea how that is even possible. I feel like we will be working on projects for the rest of our lives. The idea that one day Andrew and I might sit across from each other and be BORED (ha I laugh wildly into the wind) that day if it ever comes, will also most likely coincide with our children sticking us into an old people home. And then you know I am going to have to get involved with how they make the pudding.

I digress.

One of the projects on our never-ending list is our only full bath. We seem to have a thing of buying old homes that only have one bathroom and really bad kitchens, yay!

The only thing we have done so far is paint this bathroom, the rest is as it was.

At first I was planning to renovate it, but after living with it for awhile and looking at my bank account, I have reevaluated this plan and feel like minor changes will go a long way EXCEPT when it comes to that window in the shower.

Obviously when it was just a bathtub that window was wonderful – it let the light in, let the sky in, and you could softly enjoy a good soak, BUT after they added the whole shower element nobody seemed to think to themselves you know what’s not great with wood…WATER.

So that poor wooden window has experienced probably at least a decade if not more of water soaking it and through it….and I know that behind that wall and underneath that window most likely has a whole lot of rot. Oh man, just the idea of opening that wall and seeing the damage makes me feel like jumping out that window.

When we moved in, we immediately put another shower curtain over that window so that no water would touch it anymore, but that is obviously not an ideal situation and will need to be replaced.

The issue I am having is I can’t decide how to go about it. I want to keep the original look of that window and the trim, but I also want it to be okay with getting wet…how does one do this? I know there are options out there, but what is the best option? I am not sure yet, but am open to suggestions 🙂

The only thing we’ve done is paint.
If you look in the corner under the towels you can see water damage there too, most likely also from the water soaking the window…it has to go somewhere. 🤪