As I was saying about wallpaper, ha, it really can help a room. Some of the rooms in our home have awful popcorn ceilings. When we first bought this home, we toured the house via FaceTime and then my husband drove out for the inspection but neither time, did we realize how much popcorn their was….and then we moved in.

Some of the ceilings have a skim coat over them which helps immensely you can barely tell, but the ones that don’t, like this room kind of sour the joy of fixing the space up. My husband claims he is going to teach himself how to skim coat and fix it himself, but that freaks me out a little. I am here for all the DIY – but when it comes to a textured ceiling, I lean more let’s hire a professional. We’ll see how it goes, when funds are low and I start getting desperate is typically the time I let him “try a new skill” and have I regretted those weak moments? Yes, yes I have. Every single time? Absolutely.

Here is the progress we have made thus far on our primary bedroom. There is no closet in this room, so we are figuring out what we’ll do for storage. This is the only room with a broken radiator too, so we were pretty cold when we first arrived. We’ll get that sorted.

We also want to add shoe molding, at some point it was removed and it just doesn’t fit this house, it makes it look unfinished. I think depending on the house it can work, but for this house it needs it. We’d look for something that fits an old home though – I don’t like tiny shoe molding in old houses.

At some point I would also really like to get some nice shades, like proper adult shades. We have only ever used Ikea shades and they get the job done, but someday, I am going to get some real deal made to fit lovely shades…I just need a million dollars because shades are insanely expensive, and to find a brand that I like, there are so many out there but it’s hard to know who to choose.