I wish I had taken even more pictures of my garden this year had I known we were going to have to move…for the pictures I am sharing below are only half of what is there and I will miss it all.

I am not ready to even talk about it, because it truly hurts too much to even think of, my garden started the moment I moved to our old house, nearly 8 years ago and changed my life.

I can’t believe how much work it has all been, so much freaking work, but I would be lying if I didn’t say, I truly loved every moment of it.

I had no idea if I would be any good at gardening, I just knew I wanted to try. I had always loved flowers and had spent a fair amount of time buying my mom flowers at local florist, but I wanted to grow my own. It was a small idea that I didn’t even assume I’d stick with – or at least not make it into what I have…but it stuck to me, and it became my place of worship.

In my garden I had no anxieties, fears or regrets. My mind was clear, my heart soft and welcoming. I felt closer to God there than anywhere else, and I felt confident, something I had never felt before.

It wasn’t that I was so good at gardening, it was that I could accept whatever came, success or failure there, because learning from both was how I built on the foundation of it all.

Even though I know wherever we end up next, that I will start again build another sanctuary from scratch…I will spend the rest of my life dreaming of my first garden and it will rest in my heart always and I will miss it always.