Since we were busy painting the entire exterior of our house, I decided to add the garage in the mix. Andrew wasn’t happy about this at first, but now that it’s behind us, he’s glad. So we started last November by painting the garage roof.

The garage actually took a lot longer than we expected (which we should expect by now). It is surprisingly a pretty huge and steep garage. It doesn’t appear that way, but even the quote we got to replace the roof was more than our house roof costs (so we declined and choose to paint it instead, ha!).

Here’s what we did:

  • Scraped and painted the wooden siding of the garage
  • Washed and painted the cement part of the garage
  • Painted all 3 garage doors
  • Painted window frames
  • Added a light above garage door

It really looks so much better, I am so glad we did it!

Garage Before and obviously taken in the summer.

Garage After and obviously taken in the autumn…we’d like to replace the wooden door eventually and maybe we should do a mural of some sort on that big blank white wall, hmmm…maybe?