“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head and whispered to her neighbor: Winter is Dead” – A.A. Milne

I have been so frustrated! My flower garden is doing exceptional this spring – there’s been a lot of rain and spring is looking GORGEOUS but I didn’t have a camera for the start of it. I decided to trade my camera in for a new/smaller one and it has taken FOREVER to get it. Blergh…so some of those first spring delights have already faded. I tried to capture them with my iPhone but I’m worse with that then I am with the camera.

So as you know my garden is in a constant state of progress, and I have some plans to landscape it some more this year and I am excited. I plan to expand the beds a bit more and give them some shape – I’ve already started and they are looking a lot better. I am not a professional, so I really have no idea what I am doing, but I like to think of it as a free-form attempt at landscaping.

Luckily, my camera has now arrived and here’s some spring pictures with some missing pieces. I get so excited about all of this, truly sorry if it is boring.

iPhone pictures from the early early days of spring.

Had a pretty decent tulip season, but by the time my camera arrived only these ladies were still standing.

My wisteria did exceptional this year, but every time I think it’s filled out and fully bloomed, it continues to do so and I didn’t get any of those final pics, will try harder next spring.

Wallis gets so excited by all of mama’s flowers, she oohs and aahs and wants to smell every single one of them, it brings me so much joy!

I planted these lovely old-fashioned pink Iris’s last fall for Wallis and for my grandmother, Wallis’ namesake. As soon as they bloomed Wallis marched over, smelled them and then proceeded to try to pick one of them – here she is caught in the act. Ha!

Smelling all the flowers!

Who could resist a coral colored peony?

Still my favorite after all this time.

These our Andrew’s favorite, and it makes me smile every time I look at them to think so.

Ants and peonies are one of my most treasured beginnings of spring.

The camera had a terrible time trying to adjust to my dark robust red peonies – I tried everything but all the pics looked like this.

So much rain followed by a heat wave, meant nature cut me a few bouquets for the house. If it wasn’t for nature, I would never have bouquets, and I forget how wonderful they are.

Each year that I see this same scene, some folk lyric will pop into my head and this year it was “like a bridge over troubled water…” my garden is my peace, especially now in these times of troubled water.

Nearly there, and I can not wait for Wallis to pick them with me, she LOVES blueberries or as she calls them “burbary.”