Andrew and I are trying to make up for lost time – last year I was terribly sick the entire 9 months of pregnancy and this year, we’ve been so preoccupied with keeping a baby alive, that we’ve fallen behind with all of our old house projects!

As you  know, we did some exterior painting, and now we painted half the roof of our garage. It needed it desperately, but luckily the other side is almost in perfect condition because it doesn’t get any sun, so we can wait until spring to paint that side!

It’s a super steep garage roof, and when we looked into having it replaced, the estimate was $8,000 FOR A GARAGE ROOF?!! Eek! We decided that it still had some life in it yet, and a new coat of paint would surely buy us some more time before we’ll be replacing it ourselves…because we would never be able to afford that kind of expense.

I really worried about Andrew up there, but after a few slips, he really got the hang of it and did a superb job! So glad to have this checked off…and wishing this new paint job also came with a clean garage.

Andrew contemplating why he let his wife talk him into buying an old house…and garage.

Before he started painting, Andrew scrubbed and cleaned the roof off first.

I swear the greens in our lives are so hard to photograph. This green is a really nice dark evergreen – we had it matched perfectly to our roof…and just like the roof, it photographs bluish. Blergh.

Nearly there! Andrew had to go back through and do some touch-ups, but it looks fantastic! So glad it’s finished!

We kept making jokes that these would be his last pictures…but seriously, I am always massively relieved when he’s off of roofs. Also, yes that’s a ton of green paint covering his crotch…don’t ask me how he spilled it there, but that’s part of his charm…no?