Well autumn has arrived right on time and I am still amazed at how lovely it’s been. We’ve had lots of cooling rain, and the temperatures are perfect. This is quite unexpected as the last two October’s were pretty warm. I am thrilled and there’s of course much to do in my garden.

On Sunday I put on my overalls, and I mean real gardener overalls, not some $200 form-fitting pair you purchased with a flower crown…I mean the type of cheap unflattering overalls where you instantly transform into Pat from SNL right before your husband’s eyes. You’re not sorry because you’ve got 3 hours of work ahead of you and neither the mosquitos or the gnats have gotten the cooler weather message and are instead, preparing to try to die in your eyes and leave large welts on your arms.

I had some plants to dig up, some bulbs to plant, and some peonies to cut back. I apologize for the pictures but when you’re by yourself and muddy, there’s not really an opportunity to take pictures. I did consider taking a selfie with a bulb…but decided that I didn’t need to give my neighbors anymore reasons to question my odd behavior. It’s enough that I have entire conversations with my dogs.

I have the first round of bulbs planted and the next I’ll finish this weekend. To be honest, with everything I have going on right now, I am looking forward to putting the garden to bed and taking a rest from all the work. One day, I’ll have time to have a garden that blooms all four seasons, but I’m not ready for that yet.

Love this shade!

One of my favorites…can not wait for this hydrangea to get older.

These ladies bloomed later than I expected them too, but it was lovely to have some spring colors moving into fall.

The bees continue to expand and do wonderfully. I’ll be selling honey here very soon…our first batch and it’s delicious!

My autumn tool kit.

See you in the spring ladies!