I have tagged this post affirmation because honestly, what does one tag posts where they’ve been mentioned positively elsewhere? I don’t really know how to do these kinds of things, like acknowledge that maybe someone out there thought something I created was nice enough to share in a magazine? That’s crazy right?

I feel like I need to apologize to all the other nicer rooms and ideas out there…and trust me, I don’t get it either. My husband does though, Andrew has all the confidence in this relationship and none of the reality.

Well considered us home affirmed twice this year, because we have been included in two magazines! Both of which discovered us via Instagram, so now that I am no longer on Instagram, this will be our only post on the subject, ha!

Our first mention was in Country Living Magazine (July/August 2016) where were asked to represent our state in the 50 Dream Rooms issue. It was just one image of our dining room, but we were among some really lovely rooms…I mean even P. Allen Smith was in that issue, and I love P. Allen! We were not the grandest room that’s for sure, but it was still such a compliment to even be invited. Not to mention everyone we emailed and talked on the phone with at CLM was seriously so kind, they are the loveliest people.

Our second mention, was in this months (October 2016) issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. They did an entire feature on Wallis’ nursery and Wallis even made it into the article! She was only 5 months old then…look at how tiny she is! They asked us to submit pictures in May, so that’s why she’s pictured younger. Again, another group of kind and generous people to work with! I can’t believe how sweet everyone is.

I’ve walked away from both situations wishing we were all friends. Andrew and I both feel honored by the whole experience and really appreciate even being considered.

Layout 1

This picture didn’t make the cut, but it’s one of my favorites! Also, the floor is a dark green, sometimes it’s captured well, other times it is not.