I have to admit that I’ve been in a pretty bad mood when it comes to the garden this month…I knew it would happen but I hate experiencing it…it being, FROST. March was way too warm and everything was breaking through the earth and starting blooms much earlier than they should’ve been…and as it goes, April has always been a frustrating time to be a gardener as it is unpredictable and cruel.

This also happens to be the year where everything was covered in blooms. My tulip bush was doing the best I’d ever seen it do, literally soaked in blooms. Our wisteria was dripping with soon to be deliciously scented blooms…basically like I said, everything looked prepped to be its best year ever! I was so excited and thrilled. As you know last year, gardening was so hard for me because of my ever lasting morning sickness and I missed it terribly, so getting out in the dirt again recharged my spirit.

Then the frost hit and the wind, powerful wind getting up to 40 to 50 mph and the frost continued for several nights, one night particularly terrible, so that when I awoke all the blooms on my tulip bush and wisteria were dead, burned up….not to mention the now slumped over peonies, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. It was pretty tragic out there and I don’t even know how the hydrangeas, lilies, blueberries, lavendar…ect…ect…are going to do as their burned tips make me worry.

It’s basically been like this for two weeks, wind and frosty nights, so as you can imagine we’re garden blue around here and of course we’ve done our best to cover things but it’s impossible to get it all…I’ll have to think of a better system for next year.

So now all I can do is wait…and hope…and wait some more…I have a feeling I’ll be saying a lot, well it would’ve been a terrific season if it hadn’t been for April…luckily I snapped these pictures in late March before the frost of doom arrived. So happy did because it really was a gorgeous start to the season!

My tulips didn’t do as well this season…I had done an experiment to see how they would do, and I thought I had my answer, until I heard that a lot of tulips hadn’t done well for other gardeners this year…so now I don’t know.