I always feel a bit hesitant talking about my flower garden or my lily beasts because I never want to appear as though I am bragging or not entirely aware of how quickly something does well and then doesn’t. I think I have been clear about that throughout my gardening posts but just incase…there it is again. Ha!

I am always explaining myself which drives my husband crazy…I’m always apologizing…worried about how something I did might be perceived to which my husband just replies “Tiffany nobody sees the flaws like you do – stop explaining stop apologizing it’s gorgeous!” So I try…but yet…I can’t help myself. It’s annoying. I do know this.

Like I have said in the past…my flower garden though still so young is my social life, my hobby and my retreat…it means a lot to me so I know I write a lot about it secretly hoping I will meet more gardeners online. Today will be no different as my lovely lilies are blooming and they are just as tall (if not some taller) than last year!

This lady is over 7ft tall and look at all those lily heads! I’ve made Andrew pose with her like a celebrity was visiting. I have no shame.

Andrew and I actually went on a real vacation this year…but of course right when we were leaving my lilies decided to start opening and I worried about missing all that lily goodness while we were gone and a terrible heat wave hit our area (perusal ugh summer!!!) as we were leaving too, only adding to my worry.

Luckily, upon our arrival back home they were still going strong though obviously very hot and a few fading but I managed to still grab a few shots!

I don’t like to cut my flowers which is something else that makes Andrew laugh…he doesn’t understand but we had so many growing too low and blocking the ability to even be able to open the gate or walk through that I had to cut quite a bit to make room for us/dogs but there are so many still that you can’t even tell.  Lucky me though, my home is filled with lilies and smelling AMAZING..I do wish I could share them with others as well. Is it possible to have an itty bitty flower shop?