It’s been a few weeks since we had our gutters replaced but we are still so happy about it. We’ve had lots of rain since then and they’ve done a terrific job at doing what gutters are suppose to do.

The original gutters were in decent shape but way too small for our old house. The water would overshoot them soaking the wood and plants beneath, literally washing away our mulch and dirt. If there was too much rain falling at once they would get backed up quickly unable to handle all of the water and overflow and so forth. It was a constant mess and worry for both of us. We hated to see them damaging the wood around the house and they hadn’t been put on normally because of the slate roof that we had prior, they had used blocks of wood behind the gutters to try to make them stable since they couldn’t hang them from the slate roof or remove the slate roof to hang them properly….it’s hard to explain but it did not work well and the water would just sit in the gutters unable to drain out.

Ideally we wish we could have replaced our gutters when we replaced our roof but we weren’t able to afford both and to be honest, at that point we hadn’t lived in the house long enough to even realize they needed to be replace. Lessons learned I guess. Our new gutters had to be screwed into our new roof which sounded terrible, even though we knew this was a way many old houses especially farmhouses had them done but still…not something we would have done had we known before replacing our roof.

However, the guys did a terrific job and you can’t even tell they’ve been screwed into the roof. The gutters look and hang perfectly now and the other day we had a hard and fast rain and both Andrew and I ran out to see how the gutters would manage looking like crazy people clapping in the rain…or maybe more like old house people that have checked one more thing off that helps those old home bones and brings them just a tad closer in their renovation journey. 

Here is our cistern divider which was replaced too since the old one was also too small and now that the gutters work, the cistern is actually filling up fast! Can’t wait to make this work to my advantage in the garden…I’ve been waiting for nearly 3 years!