We are in love with our new roof! The roofing company did an awesome job, and it feels like our old farmhouse was always meant to have a metal roof. I can’t even explain the relief we have felt since having it replaced, but every chance we get to look at it – we do.

I still can’t believe I am writing this post…I feel like I need a moment of silence for what has happened! Yesterday, the roofing company called and said they were going to start on our roof today. We weren’t able to actually schedule a date, but we told them we were hoping in March. Yesterday they called and said, see you tomorrow. We had to scramble to change our schedule to be here, and to take care of the dog’s, who do not handle loads of men and loud banging all day very well. It was chaos yesterday, but they’re finished now and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Though I wish we had been able to replace it with another slate roof like the original, we couldn’t afford it and went with the second best option – metal.

We knew that the roof was crumbling when we bought our old home, and we worried about it constantly. Over the last eight months of living here, we’ve been through several bad wind and rain storms. Each time the storm would clear, we’d run up to our attic to see what the damage was. And each time we’d find minimal leakage – even though there would be broken slate all over our yard.

I am not sure when we’ll have the loan paid off for this new roof, but I am not going to dwell on it. Instead, I am going to think about the future, and what the new roof means for us. It means we can now use our attic, that we can clear out the bedroom that needs major maintenance, that the damp wood that has been unable to dry because of all the tiny leaks will, and that (and the most important reason) we are giving our old home yet another reason to stand strong 120+ years after it was built. That is something that means a lot to Andrew and I.

However, it has been so hard to capture a picture of our metal roof…it reflects light like crazy and always appears blue in every single picture we take. We’ve finally given up and have decided you’re going to have to imagine it’s the same color as our shutters because it basically is, which made us so happy! We weren’t sure how the two shades would work together. Our roof is an hartford green, and our shutters are a hunter green, but they’ve worked well…though this picture would suggest otherwise.

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