Starting Over

Pierre, Wallis, and Olive looking towards their new space on the blog!

I have decided to start over. I started blogging about our home renovation in 2011 when we purchased our old farmhouse, but life has been so many things since then, that I felt like I wanted to start again.

I am not trying to make my name into a brand or anything silly like that, I just didn’t feel like coming up with some clever name anymore…something about being in your 30s makes you (or at least me) feel over clever names and polished ideas.

However, I have added something I say a lot as a header for this blog, I came for the house but I stayed for my garden. I imagine it’ll be the title of my memoir someday once Andrew has passed away, and Wallis is busy with her own life, that’ll end with me inviting a squirrel family to live with me as I decline into final madness.

I am starting over and refocusing my attention on blogging, because I miss the older days of blogging. I miss that specific type of energy and though blogs are pretty much dead, for me, it’s a way of remembering a time before social media and all the anxiety that came with it.

Five Hundred Miles blog is closing but I’ll be moving over old posts bit by bit to this blog, so nothing will be gone right away – this was my decision, I’ve done several blog transfers for clients and it’s the biggest pain. No thanks, I’ll take the slow country road on this one.

I am looking forward to continuing to share our home renovation, my garden and some family bits sprinkled throughout. I am also hoping to share more cooking/baking posts like I did in the past…we’ll see. As with everything, this idea seems good now, but once it becomes one more to do on my never-ending to do list I might feel differently.

Thanks for stopping by!

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